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Family Search Book "A Story for Louise"

Here is a book for anyone who has ever dreamed about finding relatives in another country. It is the story of how one man found his long-lost family in Italy. His only tools were an oral history, knowledge of the local language, and a sense of adventure.​ This is the ancestry book that will move and inspire you.

Eric Lanzieri's paternal grandparents were in their teens when they immigrated from Scafati, Italy to Connecticut in the early 1900's. As a boy, Eric was fascinated by his father's account of a return trip to Scafati made in 1946 by Eric's grandmother Louise. Without any documentary evidence to guide him, Eric took advantage of a series of unusual circumstances, and a final miraculous piece of luck, to find Louise's relatives in Scafati almost half a century after her last contact with them. His story describes how he located and visited numerous members of the families of both of his father's parents over the course of some twenty trips to the region surrounding Naples. Eric also recounts the momentous experience of being a guest speaker at the law school of the University of Salerno, near the town where his grandparents were born and raised more than one hundred years before.​

Author Eric Lanzieri​

Eric Lanzieri is a graduate of Columbia College and the University of Connecticut School of Law. As an attorney and a teacher of college courses in law, Eric gave presentations to law students at the University of Salerno in 2012 and 2013. In June 2017, Eric visited a class of graduate students at the University Federico II in Naples, where he discussed the interpretation of Ellis Island arrival records. He continues to visit Italy as often as he can, and to seek opportunities to visit universities there to discuss topics related to law or to immigration from Italy to the United States.​

Author Eric Lanzieri presents

 "A Story for Louise" Family Search Book That Will Inspire You

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