one of many funny remarks

   My Uncle Simon, one of the main characters in the book, had a great sense of humor. He met me at the airport in Naples on many of my trips to Italy. On one occasion, a Customs agent searched my bags, and was almost apologetic about doing so. When he was finished, I noticed that the exits to the rest of the airport were not as I remembered them. 


   I asked the Customs agent which exit I should use, and he not only showed me, but he carried one of my bags right through the door for me. And there was Uncle Simon, as excited as I was.


   Later in the day, someone asked Uncle Simon if he had to go to the airport in Rome to pick me up. The airport in Rome is a three-hour drive from Scafati, while the  airport in Naples  is only forty-five minutes away. Uncle Simon was so proud of me that he said,"No, Eric flies all the way to Naples. In fact, this morning he had one of the Customs agents carry his suitcase."