Presentations of "Louise" in italy

I traveled to the Veneto region of Italy in September 2019 where I gave three presentations about the book. One presentation was to the annual meeting of ANEA (National Association of Emigrants to Australia and the Americas) in Marostica. The web page for ANEA can be found Two other presentations were made to high schools in Padua and Cittadella, where the book is under consideration as a textbook for classes which cover the topic of emigration from Italy.  

"Louise" in italy

The Italian version of A Story for Louise,  called Una Storia per Louise, has been reviewed by Lorenzo Luatti, a gentleman who operates a web site called "Giunti Scuola," aimed at teachers of high school and elementary school in Italy. Perhaps the book will be used in classes which study emigration from Italy. Here is a link to Lorenzo's review of the book: Lorenzo also submitted a copy of the book to the National Central Library (Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale) in Florence, Italy.  He informs me that in the coming weeks I will receive confirmation that Una Storia per Louise  is available at the Library.  What an honor for my grandparents and my father!  Thank you, Lorenzo. Grazie mille.  

on the radio with the palace theater

   It was a pleasure to appear as a guest on August 17, 2018 on the Palace Theater's radio show, "Your Palace, Your Place." I want to thank The Palace and Sheree Marcucci for the invitation, and for scheduling me to appear at The Palace on February 23, 2019.     A recording of "Your Palace, Your Place"  can be found  at    

Author of A STORY FOR LOUISE will be interviewed on radio show of the palace theater in waterbury, connecticut

   I am very grateful to the Palace Theater for its invitation to appear as a guest on its regularly scheduled radio program. The show is hosted by Sheree Marcucci, the Marketing and Public Relations officer at The Palace. Sheree will host a discussion with me and with others who have been chosen to make presentations as part of The Palace's Second Act program.     The radio show will air on Friday, August 17, 2018, from 9:10 AM to 10:00 AM on WATR-1320 AM. A recording of the show will be available on the web page for The Palace's radio show, at     I am scheduled to speak at The Palace's Second Act series on Saturday, February 23, 2019. Here is a link to information about Second Act:     I want to thank The Palace Theater for these opportunities to provide details and background about A Story for Louise.            

A STORY FOR LOUISE is now available in italian

   To purchase A Story for Louise in Italian as a paperback or as an e-book, you can go to the English-language web site of Lulu Publishing, and enter "Lanzieri" in the search box. This will bring you to the English and the Italian versions of the book, and allow payment in dollars.    To purchase the Italian version of the book as a paperback or an e-book using Euros, go to the English-language web site of Lulu Publishing, click on the icon of the flag, click on Change Store, click on Italian Store, and put "Lanzieri" in the search box.     The translation was done by an agency in Milan. I could not have done it myself.