on the radio with the palace theater

   It was a pleasure to appear as a guest on August 17, 2018 on the Palace Theater's radio show, "Your Palace, Your Place." I want to thank The Palace and Sheree Marcucci for the invitation, and for scheduling me to appear at The Palace on February 23, 2019.     A recording of "Your Palace, Your Place"  can be found  at     www.palacetheaterct.org/about-us/radio-show/    

Author of A STORY FOR LOUISE will be interviewed on radio show of the palace theater in waterbury, connecticut

   I am very grateful to the Palace Theater for its invitation to appear as a guest on its regularly scheduled radio program. The show is hosted by Sheree Marcucci, the Marketing and Public Relations officer at The Palace. Sheree will host a discussion with me and with others who have been chosen to make presentations as part of The Palace's Second Act program.     The radio show will air on Friday, August 17, 2018, from 9:10 AM to 10:00 AM on WATR-1320 AM. A recording of the show will be available on the web page for The Palace's radio show, at  www.palacetheaterct.org/about-us/radio-show/     I am scheduled to speak at The Palace's Second Act series on Saturday, February 23, 2019. Here is a link to information about Second Act: www.palacetheaterct.org/education/second-act/     I want to thank The Palace Theater for these opportunities to provide details and background about A Story for Louise.            

A STORY FOR LOUISE is now available in italian

   To purchase A Story for Louise in Italian as a paperback or as an e-book, you can go to the English-language web site of Lulu Publishing, and enter "Lanzieri" in the search box. This will bring you to the English and the Italian versions of the book, and allow payment in dollars.    To purchase the Italian version of the book as a paperback or an e-book using Euros, go to the English-language web site of Lulu Publishing, click on the icon of the flag, click on Change Store, click on Italian Store, and put "Lanzieri" in the search box.     The translation was done by an agency in Milan. I could not have done it myself. 

News about A Story for Louise

   I am proud to announce that I have been chosen as one of the speakers in a program sponsored by the Palace Theater in Waterbury, Connecticut called Second Act. This program includes presentations by those who have undertaken a new venture after the age of 50. For me, the new venture was writing A Story for Louise. I am scheduled to appear on February 23, 2019. Please visit the web site of the Palace Theater for details.    And the Italian version of A Story for Louise is in production with the publisher. I expect it to be available in a couple of months on the web site of Lulu Publishing.  Once that happens, I will send notice of it to various places in Italy, including bookstores, producers of documentaries and television programs, and professors who might want to use the book in courses about emigration from Italy to the United States.     In the meantime, I welcome your questions and comments about the search for relatives in your ancestral country of origin. 

getting help

    Some of the prior posts on this blog have advice for identifying your ancestral home town, and searching for relatives there. If your language skills will allow it, you can call the phone numbers found on line, in the hope of finding a connection to your search information. But a foreign language can be even more challenging over the phone. Fortunately, there are other options.     If you can travel to your town, pick a hotel with a web site that explicitly says that the staff speaks English. When you call to make reservations, ask the cost of hiring a local driver who speaks English.  Chances are good that the hotel, the recommended driver, and the persons whom you want to meet will all be from the same town.     I recommend calling the driver prior to your trip. Let him or her know that you need a person who can interpret as well drive. Ask the cost of the driver's services for an afternoon of driving around town. And invite the driver to lunch or dinner as your guest at your hotel on your first day in town.  Most of the people whom I have met in Italy , especially those in a business connected to tourism, know how to return even a small favor.      These simple steps can put you together with a local driver who speaks English and wants to help you find relatives. If your ancestors came from a city instead of a town, you can use the same ideas, but on a larger scale. Many people in Italy know that they had ancestors who emigrated to the United States over one hundred years ago. Some of those people probably share your curiosity about stories of family history.